Long weekend

This Monday is a holiday, but not for us teachers right? What’s the story?

I’d heard (he said, getting ready to spread rumours) that it’s Labour Day, therefore for labourers, and teachers aren’t regarded as labourers, thus we don’t get the holiday. But I also heard that foreign teachers are labourers because we fall under the Council of Labour Affairs, and not the Ministry of Education.

But I hear lots of things (like, I heard from my landlady that this cable over here at my feet that enters the house through one wall and runs through the apartment and out through another wall without stopping off to deliver electricity, cable, or phone and serves no purpose whatsoever, to me at least, is actually very necessary and can’t be removed. She doesn’t know what it’s for either. Anyway, I believe her, and don’t touch it. I fear some sort of Steven Wright-esque phone-call from the bloke in Germany chastising me if I cut it…), and love a good gossip, so don’t mind me. I’m gonna go back to salivating wildly over what happens next, now that Jin has been found, and our three heroes are being approached by spiky-club wielding Others…

maybe we should take Monday off and follow where the (you know what) leads…maybe your apartment funds the electricity for the hatch in LOST. hmmmm :shh:

My school is closed on Monday. Whoo-hoo!

Camping? :sunglasses:

I don’t get paid if I don’t work, and Mondays are currently one of my days off anyway. What’s all the fuss about?

I’m sailing to Japan Thursday morning and will be back some time Monday. We’ve timed the return trip so we don’t disturb Maoman on his day of rest this year.

Is anyone else taking Monday off? I’ve heard of a couple of schools that are closed. I’m so jealous of SA getting a 5 day weekend I wanna join!

mine is closed!! :slight_smile: But my other half is stuck going in.

So I guess I will have to find some fun all by myself.

or clean the bathroom…she says. ew

The amount of public holidays South Africa has, a 5 day weekend isn’t surprising, it’s the 5 day WEEK that is!

It’s nutty hey!? Freedom this and remember that day…