Longmen Campsite near Fulong Beach admission fee

Is there an admission fee to Longmen Campsite near Fulong Beach if you just want to go in and look around for the day? Is there a charge if you bring your own kayak and launch it from the river?

If I remember correctly, unless you drive a car you can get into the campsite area free of charge, like on a bicycle. Now if you carry a kayak, don’t think they will let you in. But you should have easy access to the river on the opposite bank

There is no charge to launch a kayak from the river, and the easiest way to do it is not from the Longmen campsite, google map is your friend for the best launching site.

another “good friend” is:

Which kind of kayak do you use?

Cool map!

Wow. I wonder which places located inland have access to ocean or to some distance down the river from access point.

An inflatable one. Definitely not for sea kayaking. Need to stick to rivers and lakes with light wind.

I’m not sure I understand, all places on this map have direct, and convenient access to the ocean / lakes / rivers.

In this case Fulong river (ShuangXi 雙溪) is indeed a good choice, with the possibility of going to the ocean when it’s calm. I would also advise Shih-men and Ta-pu Reservoirs.

I think he means if it is possible to start inland and then continue down the same river to the ocean without hitting a dam or other obstacle in the river.