Longtan National Speedway

Hey everyone!

Does anyone know if the Longtan National Speedway is still active and where I could find race times. I would like to watch some motorsport races.

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Longtan Race Track

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I think that’s a go kart track. The speedway for cars is over here nearby and I don’t know if they are still open. The track was in really really bad shape a couple years ago.

Thank you, do you happen to have any information about the prices for this gokart track?

Yes I think so too. If I decide to go karting there I will check the racetrack out. I heard on facebook it’s been torn down though but let’s hope the best.

Here’s another one down south. Penbay.

Dapeng, Penbay circuit

Penbay Wiki


Two Race Circuits …Longtan Racetrack Track is gone

A few Kart Circuits also scattered around.

Thanks alot everyone! I was aware of the Penbay Circuit but that’s too far for me for now.