Look Who's Back

Hey there, folks!

Just thought I should log back in, it’s been a while.
How’s everyone? Can somebody please give me a brief summary of what happened over the last five months? Thanks in advance.

I’ve been missing this place, good to be back on Forumosa :slight_smile:


PS: One thing I know for sure is that Iris Stew has become a celebrity! :laughing:

Looky looky!
Aloha, little buddy, howzit?

Doin’ fine.
Well, been missing you guys a lot.
And the city.
And the food.
And missing you guys, too, of course.
But having a wonderful girlfriend.
A better-than-average job.
Quite a bit of travel.
A nice apartment in downtown Budapest.
Two lovely nieces.
But missing you guys a lot, nonetheless. (Maybe I shouldn’t say this too often or else even the big and tough guys like 914 will get real emotional…)

Hey Balazs!

I see you are checking out F.com from time to time! Me and the Ms are going to the zoo.

Miss you rots and see you online!

Ps-nice pictures of you and your girlfriend, eh? Ms 914 says she’s only here till June so bring your gf over for a visit!