Lookin out me window, can't see shit!

why is it so Goddamn foggy in Taipei today? Any weird weather shit going on?

Dunno, but it’s foggy in Danshui as well.

Pollution counts aren’t too bad, so I guess it’s not a sandstorm.

Pollution measurements: taqm.epa.gov.tw/taqm/en/PsiAreaHourly.aspx

Why is it always like this when I have time off?! Last week was lovely, and I was working; now I’ve got the week off, and the weather goes to sh*t again. Shades of Chinese New Year.

Because it’s raining you dufuses. :laughing:

is it raining haze?

is it raining haze?[/quote]

:laughing: It’s spring, lots of moist air from the south. A minor cold front is hitting so cold air mixing with moist warm air produces fog like on your bathroom mirror after a shower.

Is it fog or mist? Either way, scary stuff! :laughing:

You’re lucky. I can see shit.