Looking for a Discussion Activity

Dear All

I once had a discussion activity for adults, but I seem to have lost it. It had a list of about 5 people who worked for a company and their details. Students then had to decide who to promote.

If anyone has this activity (and can send it to me) or knows where I can find it, could they please let me know?

Charlie Warth

Perhaps on one stop english? They have quite a few speaking/role play lessons. Try “Lesson Share” - “Archives” - “Speaking”.

I did a quick search and found this:


Is that what you’ve been looking for?

Dear Tiare & Tatterdemalion

Thanks for your replies. I appreciate the gesture. Tatterdemalion, your suggestion is good. It is not the one I previously had, but I could easily adapt it to suit my needs. Tiare, one-stop English has given me a few ideas for othjer things I need to do.

Once again, thanks

Charlie Warth