Looking for a domestic helper

I will move to Taipei in August and am looking for a full-time maid. How does one find household helpers in Taiwan? Thanks for any tips!


Domestic helper


  1. Go to DHSC website ( https://dhsc.wda.gov.tw ) download application form and related other document , eg Declaration of Employer Hiring Foreign Worker through Direct Hiring Service Center, filled it up

  2. Submit application directly to Direct Hiring Service Center (DHSC) or send it through register mail."

Or you can find someone through Agents.

Thanks so much! I am working with an agency already to hire a helper from the Philippines. But the process can’t start until I get my ARC and will take three or four months. I am looking for a maid I can hire from August to December or someone for the long term already in Taiwan. Is it possible?

You would make the person an illegal worker with an illegal contract. I think you wouldn’t want that, do you?

dear sir/m’am, my name is ellis, filipino helper, are you still lookin for help? can you contact my line to discuss: ellisarcega

have a good day sir/m’am