Looking for a good Lawyer

I was maliciously prosecuted under 2 criminal charges. And found not guilty on both charges. I’m in the process of filing a civil case and a criminal case against my accuser, but I’m having a great deal of trouble finding a good lawyer. My previous lawyer had very little interest in fighting the case…it was up to me to gather my evidence and defend myself in court. My lawyer just sat there. I just don’t want to be in the same situation with a lawyer that won’t put in any effort. I obtained this lawyer from the Legal Aid Foundation. So, looking for any recommendations for an English speaking lawyer. Thx for your time.

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I have recently been recommended to seek opinions from the Legal Aid Foundation. Would you mind sharing your experiences on the process with LAF. I would like to know how helpful they were and where you think they could have improved their services.

Sorry for the late reply. I can only say that the LAF is really a “case by case” basis. The best thing is to talk with them directly. Hope that helps.

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How long ago did that happen?

Hi…is your question to me or to Lawrence-D ?

that question was for you. although i can see how it might have seemed unclear

Quite some time ago.

This may be the reason they are not “helping” much.

I’m trying to not give out too much information. This is still an ongoing case, but now the roles are reversed and I’m now the plaintiff. I won the prosecution case but I hope you will understand that this forum is public and I still need to be careful as to what I say. I’ve read what people have posted and it’s quite remarkable what people actually end up revealing on this forum. The unfortunate thing is that this is an amazing forum and I’d say that 90% of the people on here try their best to support each other. It’s the 10% I worry about. Again…sorry that I was being vague. Just need to be safe.


So to be clear, you actually had to show up in court? Is the person aware you are countersuing?

I’m curious about the length of time that has transpired because the statute of limitations may have run out.

Yes, I had to show up for court. As to the countersuing, that usually occurs while the case is still open, so it’s not a countersuit as my case is now closed and the plaintiff has exhausted all available appeals offered to him under Taiwanese law. As to the statute of limitations, I’m good. But thanks for bringing that up…hopefully others (well hope that no one has to go through what I went through) will take note from your comment regarding “statute of limitations” … it can help others.

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Good luck. Just don’t waste too much time on this guy. Sometimes it’s better to let karma settle things.

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I here you … but I’ve never experienced such evil intent in my life. I can’t let someone victimize me like that and not be held accountable. Imagine if this person won one of the 2 charges, what that would have meant to my life? That’s the part that not only terrifies me but also what drives me to hold him accountable.