Looking for a job teaching English to Uni students/Adults


Just starting to teach English in Taiwan, and looking to teach adults/uni students. Previously worked at a university writing center for half a year editing essays, dissertations, research papers and resume/CV/job application drafts. Tutored English at an ESL institute for half a year with young-adults, covering intermediate-advanced English speaking and reading. I’ve got a BA in English, minor in game dev. with an 140-hour TEFL cert.

My concern is that I was born in Taiwan – i.e. non-white, no foreign passport – and in my early 20’s with no experience teaching a large class (only one-on-one settings, four-six students at most). So far the jobs I’ve seen on tealit and 1111 have been for children/HS students.

Does anyone here have experience with university language centres, or advice on landing a job near what I’m looking for?