Looking for a lawyer who can do U.S. divorces

Are there any lawyers in Taipei who can handle U.S. divorces and annulments? Please help!!!

It would be helpful if you said which state you are interested in executing and enforcing a divorce decree.

Are you willing to pay your lawyer’s airfare and travel time for court appearances? I think it’ll be a lot cheaper to hire a lawyer back in the states (next time you go back to visit).

But Cartman’s right, it would help if we knew what state you’re talking about. While I know virtually nothing about divorce law, presumably that would be the state where your spouse lives, because no other state will have personal jurisdiction over the spouse.

The marriage took place in Las Vegas, so I guess I need someone who can practice under Nevada law. Thanks.

You will also need to have at least six-weeks residence there (currently) or your spouse will need to have at least six weeks residence there, again, currently.