Looking for a place to rent in Nantou City/Caotun

Hi I am looking for an apartment in or around Nantou City, any ideas where I could find information about what is available? I can’t seem to find anything on any of the websites I’ve looked at?


What websites have you looked at?

Google 591 rent nantou

You’re welcome.


Aside from 591 another good way is to rock up to the neighborhood you want to live in, and look at various bulletin boards (physical ones, not online) in the community, around walls and utility poles. Some landlords will post up rental this way, possibly because they’re old and don’t like using websites.

Much better chance of not running into agents that will charge half month’s rent on top of whatever you have to pay to secure a place.

Requires considerably more Chinese competency than google translating 591, and it sounds like op is new here. But is an option.

You think the landlord is going to speak any English?

Going to need help regardless. If an agent can provide that then it’s worth paying I guess.

A helper also ensures he doesn’t get charged a foreigner tax.