Looking for a reliable trustworthy cleaner/maid in Hsin-tien

We are looking for someone to clean our apartment twice monthly for a few hours - we are 10-15 mins walk from Da pinglin mrt station - recommendations also appreciated :notworthy:

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there’s a whole bunch of companies that provides the service

I just type in the search on yahoo

tw.search.yahoo.com/search?p=%E5 … fl=0&x=wrt

try and see if you can find what you need!

I appreciate all the links that people have put up here for house cleaning services. My problem is that I don’t speak Chinese. I can sometimes find a phone number on the page, but I have no way of knowing where to start and I’m looking at wasting a lot of time before even finding out if it will be possible to get an agreement with someone.

Can anyone tell me where to find someone with at least a little English to help me get started? I live in Wanhua. Thanks.