Looking for a religion? Here are your choices

As moderator of the Holy War forum, I hereby declare a Jihad Crusade on you, you Godless Maotheist.

Hey… the flowchart worked for me!

Just my luck. Depressing days to join the Mayan belief system. :runaway:

Actually, it’s just a restart. The calendar resets at the end like your thermometer. Don’t believe the hype. Besides. it’s just a religion anyway. Great flowchart. Loved it.

Great flow chart.

Hmmm, don’t see no Mennonites on there…

Ok, where are the Æsir’s?? Some good old fashioned Viking Odin and Thor religion hasn’t done anyone any harm, well…
I mean, can you imagine anything better, you die, you go to the great hall of warriors, eat roast pork and drink mead every night…
How can that not be a much more popular religion?

I think that falls under “Boring Generic Christians”.

Me too!
See above (not Mennonite, though).