Looking for a silver ring as a present for my girlfriend here in Taichung

Hello everyone!
I’m still new here in Taichung and I don’t know where to buy a silver ring as a gift for my girlfriend. I went to the malls and all I can see are luxury brands for jewelry. I don’t have much money so I can only buy a silver ring. Preferably around 2,000 to 3,000 NTD only since I need two pieces, one for me and one for my girlfriend. Thank you!

Here are some good ones :slight_smile:


I have bought from 925.tw before. They have locations in Taichung. I don’t know how much has changed in the years, but check it out!

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Pandora sells cheap rings

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Thank you for the suggestion. I was wondering what name brand jewelry store sells something a bit cheap. I’ll look into Pandora. I hope other name brands would be mentioned here.

I’ll try vising their Feng Chia branch once I go to the night market. Thanks!

There are a lot of options here. Thanks!

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Don’t go for brand if you are buying cheap and want silver. There used to be a few shops that sold silver jewelry. You want most of that 3,000 spent on the metal not the designer name. I remember being asked to remove one of my silver rings about 20 years ago at a night club in Taiwan by the door staff.

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Oh I see. Would you suggest any reputable local Taiwanese jewelry store? So that I know what I’ll be getting would be genuine.

The one I used to go to was a silver smith near to Ding Hsi station. I think he’s closed now.
How about an online flea market.
The rings should have a stamp on the and be 929 or a bit less. The problem with rings is that it has to fit ! You can see if it’s real silver , get a magnet, it should be very magnetic. Polish it if second hand and if no dirty mark on the cloth then it’s not silver unless new and polished.

However, yes a department store will be a better guarantee but of course more expensive.

Or a real Silver Smith

Alarein Silver Smith 十月清伊設計工坊
02 2511 0710

Alarein Silver Smith 十月清伊設計工坊 - Google Search


I think you mean not magnetic?

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Avery little magnetic attraction