Looking for adventerous travel buddies

Living in Taiwan, its hard not to want to explore her beauty; however, finding someone who is willing to take the time to explore has been a difficult task.

I am looking for adventerous people, who love the outdoors, camping, hiking, kayaking and just getting dirty.

My teaching sched. gives me every Friday, Saturday and Sunday off.

Send me a post if your interested. We can meet for a hot cup of joe.


is where you’ll find the fit, the brave, the bold… the adventerous. :slight_smile:

C’est mois.

Have you found anyone and what kind of trip are you looking for?

Nan Tou is a nice place for that. Last time I was out there I saw some people kayaking. It looked like a lot of fun. (I’m not going to do it though.)

I haven’t found many willing participants yet; however, the more the marrier:)

Currently, I will be leaving for Green Island the thrid week of March to go snorkeling, kayaking and sun bathing. The following weekend I will be hiking the “Spine of Taiwan” known to be the most dangerous trail in Taiwan. SPOOKY!! no-way, I crave for that kind of adventer:) After that I will be tied up everyother weekend, volunteer teaching. That leaves two three day weekends for fun, yippy:)

PM or reply to the post.

I will be hanging out at the Groove Yard in Taichung next Friday. If you wanna chat; I’ll be there. The names Mel short for Melissa:)

Please don’t tell me you are planning this alone?

I’m thinking of paddling out to Turtle Island on a surfboard from Da Xi beach and back, probably have a outboard skiff following me or a jetski. Mid-May to July on a calm day.

Might do an overnight ride from Taipei to Taidong on a motorcycle and roll into Spring Scream in Kending-can’t ever find anyone who wants to do that. Can you ride a motorcycle?

Up for that?

I may go shopping tomorrow without telling a grown up where I’m going, and I will probably stay up well after midnight.

Call me. Let’s go wild!

A reminder to all you wonderful people:) I am not looking for a date; I’m looking for like minded people to share my love for adventer and excitement with.

If your interested in meeting up to chat about those things, I will be at the Groove Yard on Friday night. The Groove Yard is a small live music club in Taichung located above the Frog.

See yah there!


Yer gonna hike the spine of Taiwan in a weekend? That’s hardcore! Takes most people several weeks to do that one.

Hey Sunshine.

One of the most adventurous people in Taiwan is right under your nose in Puli. I used to rip into the mountains with “Crazy” Joe and good friend Dennis. I’d hope a girl like you already knows Denis though. If you need his number or soemthing, PM me.

Or if you know him already, tell him Kelley from Nantao says “Rock On”. He knows Taiwan better than anyone. He goes as far up those mtns his dirtbike will take him and then walkes a lot more. Bring the right (clothes) gear or he’ll tear into ya.

Good times.

Yeah, I know Dennis. Been bugging him to go camping for months. Maybe the second week in April, but I think he likes his man time.

Thanks for the tip:)

Hmmmm… :howyoudoin: