Looking for books on native flora

Since moving to the mountains and rescuing a very active mountain dog pup, I’ve become interested in the wonderful variety of trees, plants and fungi I see on my walks every day. I’d love to be able to identify them, and maybe pick the odd treat to spice up dinner. Does anyone know of any good books to help my out here? My Chinese reading still isn’t up to scratch so they’d have to be English language.

(I know there are apps, and that I could ask somebody local for help. I love reading though, so I’m specifically looking for good old-fashioned ink and paper.)

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this one is expensive but really really good. the definitive guide to Taiwan’s amazingly diverse orchids:


Then of course there is this huge scholarly tome:

Available in university libraries, don’t even think about buying one…but that’s everything, way too much for a casual stroll guide.

I don’t know of any in English like you are looking for, sorry.


I’ll definitely have a look for this one, thanks!