Looking for cheaper pet supplements/medicines

Our Schnauzer mix got diagnosed recently with pancreatitis and fatty liver (probably his diet from his previous owner, plus genetic pre-conditions) and he’s responding well to vet treatment, but the food supplements he has to take twice a day are terribly expensive (specifically, Pancerase, a pack of 30 capsules, costs 750NT and lasts a couple of weeks).

Just on the off chance anyone else has a dog with the same problem, are there any cheaper alternatives that could perhaps be ordered online from abroad?


Any suggestions?

iHerb? PetPlace? Woyuld have to look but seems quite specific.

I must confess Bobby has shown some symptoms of this too. He is not too chubby and he exercises a lot, but like his mom, he’s got gallstones.

Here’s my experience with vets:

They are really cheap compared to the west, therefor most of them need to charge the real price of the drugs. No way around it.

I had to come up with 25 thousand for a few weeks treatment for a nasty condition.

I had several surgeries done on the dogs, cost almost nothing compared to the west.

im not trying to seem like an asshole here. But 750nt doesn’t seem all that much for animal medicine? That’s just over 20USD? I don’t think I’ve ever bought dog medicine that’s cheaper than that in the US. And my dogs are old now. I spend close to 15000 a month to keep them healthy with bi weekly check ups and medicine. It was that or fast deteriorating of his condition and put to death in about a couple months or maybe 1-2 years. What can I do. He’s been with me for a long time and I love the dog to death. Good luck to you but pet ownership can cost a lot down the road. Not sure if it’s your first dog and how long you had him or her. But If 750 is too much, maybe it’s not for you?

My Toto was on meds for his bad heart condition, his epilepsy and his liver. 2500 a week with a specialist. Had to get a normal vet after my operation, that was 1200 a week for normal meds, but they were bad for his liver. They said he wouldn’t last a year. He lived almost 9 with me I think.

Bobby just had a bad cough. Went to a heart specialist. Spent nearly 20k between meds, blood tests, ultrasound, x rays, a nebulizer…and he still has the cough. And we do not know what is causing it.

So yes, having a pet can be expensive. But long term care has to be adjusted to your circumstances. We do what we can.

Even with the meds he’s not what he’s used to having constant fluid buildup in his lungs. This summer heat is especially hard on him on walks. I think to be honest, I would pay whatever I can humanly pay to keep him alive. I just hope the OP is ready for some unexpected expenses if 750 for a 30 pack of meds is something that’s difficult to put aside.

But it’s not the costs that get me. It’s seeing my best friend grow old and getting sick that’s really hard.

Just to be clear, asking about cheaper medication alternatives, should such exist, does not equal dereliction of duty towards a dog or a lack of awareness of the cost of a pet and its requirements. The appropriate answers are ‘nope’ or ‘sure, here’s some ideas’.

I’ll pay whatever it takes to keep our dog happy and well. But that doesn’t mean I should buy something more expensive if something cheaper and equally effective exists. If it doesn’t, fine.

And I didn’t say it was. I’m just hoping you were aware. And I’m glad you are.

True. Points made–let’s keep this on topic please. Anyone can start a new thread if they’d like to discuss the broader issue.

The answer is likely no. Importing anything would probably costs more in shipping and not result in much a difference if it was cheaper.

Also, pet medicine is often a front to get controlled drugs not of the human grade. So you have an issue of that online since it’s not as tightly controlled. Also it’s often faked and counterfeited if it’s a common kind that people need if you get it online. Many dodgy sites from like china and India. I would not recommend it unless it’s from a very reputable site.

I’ve bought vitamins and supplements like probiotics for my pets from abroad, so far no problem. But a quick search in the usual sites shows no Pancrease. Maybe it is a bit specific.

Maybe in taiwan it’s different but I know in the us it’s almost always cheapest at the vet.

Growing up on a farm taught me much different approaches. When a family cat needed to be euthanized, my suggestion of the nail gun wasn’t taken too well. I know a 22 Swift would be better, but this is Taiwan. What can a country boy do?

what about pet supplements or pet treats? any way to get them cheaper in taipei?