Looking for cny-trip suggestions for young travellers

thought i’d start a different thread since i’m coming at it from a different perspective. anyway, got a group of a few young travellers looking for cny trip suggestions. early to mid 20’s, like to party, but don’t want to spend the whole trip with a hangover. choices right now seem to be phuket, penang, and boracay. which one would you prefer and why? none of us have ever been to any of those places, btw. i love to eat(roadside stands preferably), but i figure there’ll be good food at all those places anyway.

Never been to Penang but I can say that the local food in Boracay is not very good. I prefer to eat foreign food when in the Phillipines.

Thailand has some excellent street food! If you consider Bali at all, the local food there is only so so. A tad better than Phillipino food IMHO.

Another place to consider would be Chiangmai. Less touristy than Phuket and more relaxing with much to do. Street food there is great too as is all of Thailand.

Bangkok :sunglasses:

Saigon :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

I still think that Chiangmai is an excellent place for a 20 something tour because there are so many outdoor active things to do during the day like hiking waterfalls and mountains to hill tribe villages, cave exploring, biking to temples (Chiangmai is a nice city for biking), and then at night there are plenty of bars, night markets and other places to hang out as well. I spent Chinese New Year last year there. You can also fly through Bangkok and see that city too for a couple of days. Also, instead of Phuket, if you want a beach experience for a big group of twenty somethings, try Koh Samui (sorry never went to Phuket and proud of it, but I should go and take a look sometime).

By the way, no offense Chung, but what is there to do in Saigon? Cool city to hang out in for a while, but I think I would get bored by the end of Chinese New Year holiday there. Would have to take a lot of side trips. Been there twice, like it, but I wouldn’t want to stay for a long time. Same with Bangkok and I use to to live and work there. I go back often and I think its a little boring too although infinitely more fun than Saigon, but Saigon is more pristine and beautiful, although Hanoi is even more pretty, but a little more boring…blah blah blah.

Did I mean mention that Chiangmai is cheap too. Some might say that you had better go fast because there is already one Starbucks there, but I like having a Starbucks there as I could get a decent cappuccino better than the free breakfast coffee you get at your hotel.

I agree with Hobart. I’m not a beach guy so my pick would be Chiang Mai. It is a touristy place but fun; a good nightlife and enough attractions to keep you busy for a week. To enjoy it you need to get out and about. Hire motorcycles; after Taiwan’s road madness you can handle anything. Go explore. Then come back and party. Good scenery, great food and the women aren’t too bad.

Yeah, I agree with Hobart and Almas John. You can’t go past Chiang Mai. Great place, great scenery around the area, easy reach to the Golden triangle, great food and happy Thai people!
Go for it!!