Looking for corgi adoption

Hi everyone. I live here in taiwan. I was looking for corgi’s. I really want to adopt one. I really love taking care of pets because I’m just only one in my house. Can someone help me where to find corgi puppies?

Free adoption? Fyi I have been going to Banciao pet rescue looking for a cat, but we look at the dogs also because its very far. Never seen corgi dogs. There is a famous person named icon that will tell you hopefully where to find one

Are you talking about @Icon ?

@Graciela, are you looking to adopt in the “someone didn’t want it and sent it to the shelter” sense or more in the “buy” sense? People here are generally quite satisfied with acquiring dogs from puppy mills. The only rescues I’ve known of have come from people who were pet parents in the US and brought them along.

An expensive purchase that dies within days or weeks due to not being vaccinated.

I’ve 4 rescues here in Taiwan and more foreigners did a lot of rescues, a lot more than I did.

I stand corrected.

It’s possible. My wife and I adopted a corgi last year. He’s the best. Pm me with some contact info and I can tell tell you more. I’m hardly on here but can try to help when I see a message.


Message me pls