Looking for Ground Espresso

LavAzza is preferred, but any ground espresso would be nice.

Jasons/carrefour even seen in some PX marts



I get ground lavazza from 全聯 / PX

You can find illy in many supermarkets, including PX Mart.

It is not in PX Mart of Carrefour market in my area. Will check Jason’s tomorrow.


Is that different from regular ground?

It has to do with the fineness of the grind. Espresso is on the fine end (i.e. smaller particles) of the grinding spectrum.


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Oh, I see!

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the supermarket; if you go to any coffee shop that also sells their beans. They will grind that for you and re-bag it.
Might be more expensive, but will be in my opinion it’s worth it because it will make better coffee.

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I happened to stroll around Eslite last night and saw lots of Lavazza coffee. At the wine cellar. All the regular espresso blends plus some special editions. But Eslite prices tend to be a bit higher.

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