Looking for Love :)

hello there… my name is melvin and i am not a cross dresser gay but proud and out. I am looking for someone who can accept me and love me forever. I am still virgin and never been had in any relationship. This is how I really looking for serious relationship not for fun and short term happiness. I am loyal and sweet. if you want to know me… add me on my facebook its Zvlem Scarlet or https://www.facebook.com/titaniaERZA211

Looking for love is never easy, but it’s good if you can specify what you’re looking for, especially if you’re in Taiwan. What if a big buff black guy approaches you and says “I can accept you and love you forever”, would you accept without hesitation? The point is that you should be more specific on your preferences, as people will also straight up tell you if you’re not their type, so just be prepared for rejection because preference is paramount and quite superficial here.

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I dont care about his outlook personality, as long he will love me and treat my parents as his parents too that would be good… Attitude over his looks. why dont u try to contact me on my facebook account?