Looking for manufacturers in Taiwan

Hello, im looking for manufactuers to make hard plastic items with some rubber seals included (maybe also aluminium). Looking to get a couple of items made and if it goes well then maybe up to 10,000 + items made. Does anyone have any idea where to start. I recently left Taiwan and am wondering how i can go about finding these manufacturers. I have plans drawn up for what i want so i was thinking if i return to Taiwan and ride around the industrial areas and knock on doors and ask if they can do it but not sure if that will work. Im willing to go to Thailand for manufacturing aswell if anyone knows about anything there. Whats everyones recommendation? Thanks.

@Taiwan_Luthiers, this up your alley?

I deal with quite a few manufacturers . Just bear in mind set- up costs for tooling etc , if needed , can be quite expensive . Anyway good luck …

Please pm me. I need to know what kind of stuff you want manufactured.

It sounds like you need a mold made for injection (or whatever else depending on what you want to make) and an injection press. My neighbor may know people who can accommodate you…

I will tell you though that if you want to do this, 3D print it first because it’s going to cost big for an injection mold. You’ll want to prototype it with a 3D printer first anyways. My neighbor probably won’t help you if all you want made is a couple of items however because CNC programming is a pain especially for a complex item. He’ll want at least 100 units to start. Also he only machines 6061 Aluminum because he sells the scrap for money (he makes mountains of it) and any impurities and the value drops dramatically.

Injection molds can cost 1 million + NTD depending on the size and complexity.

Most of the factories in Taiwan aren’t interested in small.orders, that’s the biggest hurdle. Many will simply waste your time.

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I can handle CNC and 3D printing prototyping so if you shoot me a PM I might be able to help.

Yea, to be honest with you if you’re paying several million NTD on a mold, would you make any less than a few million units? Plastics have insanely high startup cost, and the reason they are cheap is because the material itself is cheap, and that stuff like toothbrush handles are produced by the MILLIONS while the mold itself probably cost at least a million.

If you’re only going to make 10,000 or so, you’re better off talking to a CNC shop who machines plastic.

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what kind of CNC do you have? A desktop CNC isn’t going to cut it. You’ll want something with an automatic tool changer, a VMC type machine. Those are quite large.

Not my own CNCs, we outsource everything and have relationships with a few companies.

Thanks for replies, ill PM yous soon. My cousin is engineer so ill speak to him and see if he has any tips for making better drawing plans. See the thing i want to make is something i want to try and sell to the Taiwan govermment or the city councils/governments (im 100% serious) Its something Taiwan could deffinately use in infrastructure everywhere. Im not sure where to start with this. Ill probably make another thread about the selling part so others on forumosa can see it as different topic. Im willing to manufacture in china if its cheaper (only if i have to).