Looking for Missing Person from UK

Family has lost contact for 2 years.

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The picture they give us looks like it’s from the 90s. Not very helpful.

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Yeah and includes shades and a helmet. Would be tres difficile to identify. Looks like 1000 other teachers (as the person above mentions is his vocation).


Besides, who knows if the said missing person wants to be found?


I wonder if this is the same guy. From the July 2007 edition of Discover Taipei.

He’s 58 according to his sister, so could be.

Another pic from the Facebook group chat (he’s in the middle):

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I can see why they lost contact if the only pictures she has is of him in the 90s.


It doesn’t look like he wants to be found…I’d say respect his privacy.


This reminds me of when you look at dating profiles and all the pics are 5-10 years old. Except these look 20-30 years old. If they were close to him they’d have at least a couple pictures from the 21st century. Still I have some sympathy for this sister… it can be hard emotionally if your sibling wants to disconnect from the family and you still want them in your life.

Another sad story of lost family contact.
Am I the only one who gave like 3 cell phone #s to my parents back home of local and foreign friends, “just in case”?

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It happens especially pre social media days.
I suspect he doesn’t want any contact anyway.

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There was a British English teacher in his 50s who died of a heart attack here last year, I remember reading of it.

Edit: I don’t think it is him though, information in the article below is inconsistent with the info provided by @Dr_Milker above

see here British English teacher found dead in Taipei apartment - Articles - Think China, think Panda!

I don’t think anyone has my phone number. I switch numbers so much its impossible to update everyone. They just contact me from FB/IG/ or line/WhatsApp

I changed the title to remove his name.
I wouldn’t want my name bandied about all over the Internet by randoms.

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Sounds like the guy, which means that he has a local wife (or did, anyway). I wonder why his sister didn’t mention that fact?

I have a couple theories…