Looking for motivation to exercise

Hi all,

I’ve decided to try to get myself back into gear by getting on the old stationary bike I’ve got, but I seem to lack any motivation.

I’d like to hear some of the things you’ve told yourself or done to get yourself motivated because I’m hating the way my body is telling me, “ugggh…I feel lethargic, do we really have to do this?” and I end up giving myself a hundred reasons to get off the bike ASAP. Feeling bummed. :frowning:

set a time, preferably earlier rather than later, where you decide you will do exercise, before doing all the other things that your body prefers to do (computer, tv, eating a buffet etc.) … until the exercise get done, the other stuff waits.

also, get some tunes that make you wanna get moving - music works for many people i know.

good luck

When I was in Taiwan and whenever spring had arrived, I loved going to university tracks. They’re usually secluded, anybody can use them (I think), and even the elementary tracks have a better-than-adequate surface (although the elementary school tracks are only 300m, I believe, rather than the university standard 400m).

You’ll see all kinds of runners there. I guess it’s quite likely that humans ran before good footwear was available (joke), but I was always amazed to see the range of shoe choices on display. Canvas Converse (Chuck Taylor) hi-tops, shower sandals, excellent Adidas running shoes, even the barefoot option was often taken.

I’d get outside for inspiration, if I were you. If you’re new to exercise, then just go to any nearby university track and spend an hour or two walking around. You’ll burn maybe 400cal/hr by walking, you’ll be in the great outdoors with lots to see, and you’ll perhaps be more inclined to exercise.

Good luck!

Yeah… just started running again after about 5 years of no running. I feel better already and taking the iPod with me makes it really enjoyable. I run on the particle rubber track at NTU.

You cannot wait for motivation, you have to start,bear it, then later you will get motivation.As for a stationery bike,I find it rather boring( I did it for years) A decent treadmill(if you have to exercise indoors) is far better.
Depends on space and your budget, I wouldnt get a too cheap treadmill.
From treadmill, you can do skipping,situps etc.
In no time, you will love it as much as I do.( I exercise at least 8 hours a week, intensely)
Good luck

Whatever machine you’re using, be it a treadmill or stationary bike, just think back about all the junk food (that greasy cheese burger, fries, pizza, coke, etc.) you’ve consumed since the last time you exercised. That’ll get you motivated to keep going and burn those calories.

Why not try riding the real thing rather than a boring old stationary bike? A little scenery certainly makes exercising more fun.

I think I’m going to try to set up a schedule or something and maybe just do it (like all the Nike ads say). I hear it takes about 30 days for the body to become used to a habit. It’s been about 5 or 6 years since I’ve last exercised, so I’m feeling my body putting on the brakes and saying, “NOOO…!” It’s gotten quite comfortable the way it is now.

Thanks for all your tips, and I’ll try to get outside whenever I can. :slight_smile:

I have a stationary bike, and it is boring if all you do is “ride” it while looking at the scenery of your living room. However, I find it’s not nearly so dull if I’m doing something else at the same time, like watching TV or listening to music. I’ve even found it possible to read while riding, though that’s somewhat tricky.

I do agree that riding a real bike in the countryside is preferable, but I haven’t found any really good (and conveniently located) places to ride around here. I hate dealing with cars and trucks - I’ve had too many near-death experiences.


Well when friend comment on the flab in certain places, I always find that as a good motivator…It’s the disipline and commitment I have trouble with…Best of luck…

I agree with the poster who said to ride a real bike instead. I’ve got a stationary bike back home and found it incredibly hard to get motivated to use it. I’d watch tv or listen to music or read a mag on it but it’s still dull. Riding outside is infinitely more pleasurable. Sure, sometimes it’s hard to get your ass out the door, but once you’re out there you will ride longer than you would have done back in the apartment and you’ll have a good time. Bikes are very cheap in Taiwan, too. You can get a decent bike for NT$3,000 or so and there are lots of great bike trails beside the rivers. If you haven’t seen them yet you should check them out, because you’ll be greatly surprsised how nice they are (by Taiwan standards).

And, if you get a real bike I’m sure you can find real people from forumosa to go riding with you, which helps with the motivation.

It is a strange world we live in. Things are designed for us in such a way that we are required to do very little physical work in exchange for way too much food. It isn’t natural and the human body isn’t adapted for it. Every time you go outside or even turn on the television somebody is trying to tempt you with delicious food that, in excess, is really bad for your health. It is amazing that any of us avoid overeating. I was turning into a real porker myself awhile ago and then I herniated a disc in my lower back. The worst thing I can do for this condition is be overwieght. So what it came down to with me is lose weight, or be in pain all the time. I chose to lose weight and I can tell you that even if it wasn’t for the back thing I think I would continue with this. It just feels so much better to be lighter and more energetic. It requires that I excerise regularly and really watch my diet. Sometimes it is difficult but long term gain for short term pain is the way to go I figure now. Just find some excercises you enjoy and limit the refined carbohydrates, alcohol and sugar. You’ll be looking and feeling better in no time.

Yeah, I agree with the posters about the stationary bike. It sucks when all you have to look at for an hour are your living room walls. :s The TV does help a bit. I would look into investing a real bike, but I’m not too keen to riding it in traffic to get to a park. Thinking about riding a bike in Taiwan traffic is scary enough for me. I think I might try hiking instead combined with the bike (for lousy days).

Bob: That would motivate me, too. Living healthy or living in pain for the rest of one’s life? In my case, my uncle passed away from diabetes, which runs in the family, and it’s something I have to be careful about now that I’m feeling older… I must chew on that for a while and let it sink in slowly…

For me the best motivator is social. I always take people up on offers to go hiking together. If I have a pact with a pal that we’ll go for a walk every weekend or two, I’m less likely to laze around the house playing with Photoshop and creating images of Bill Clinton having sex with Michael Jackson. :astonished: :laughing:

Seriously, start a new topic to invite folks to a hiking or biking group, where you live, and that’ll be great motivation and more fun too!

When you ride the bike and get bored, get off it and strip down. Look at yourself in the mirror naked. don’t like what you see, get dressed and get back on.

Seriously, start a new topic to invite folks to a hiking or biking group, where you live, and that’ll be great motivation and more fun too![/quote]

Sounds like sage advice. Anybody in the Taoyuan area? Familiar with Hu Tou Shan or Ying Ge shi? I’ll be back in Taiwan in May.