Looking for Oldest Chinese version of Old MacDonald

Hello. I’m looking for the oldest recorded version of Old MacDonald Had a Farm in Chinese. Chinese Title: 王老先生有块地.
I all I’m getting is modern children’s chants.
I need a “hick” Taiwanese Farmer rendition for a project I’m working on.
Plus, I’m genuinely interested in the history of children’s songs and musical appropriation.
The Chinese wikipedia entry is a waste of space. There must be a fascinating history behind this and other songs…

If anyone wants to record a Chinese Hick version of this song, I’m sorry I can’t pay you. It’s just for entertaining my kids and stupid Facebook posts. I’ll put your name in the file or presentation though.

If anyone has any historical history on Taiwanese Children’s songs or interesting facts, please add them here.
Like how did an Israeli Children’s song become a Taiwanese song? Zum Gali Gali.