Looking for Parmesan Cheese

I’m looking for Parmesan cheese, not the pre-grated stuff. I checked in Costco, but I didn’t see any. I don’t want to pay a fortune for it, so does anyone have any ideas where I can get my hands on some?

They usually have at costco. your best bet might be another branch.

The Neihu Costco always has big wedges of the real stuff, Parmigiano Reggiano and often the similar Grana Padano; these are currently (as of two days ago) in the cheese bin, on the end facing the butchery.

Carrefoure usually stocks the fresh stuff. Jason’s at 101, of course, does (assuming the renovation has been completed and it’s reopened).

It’ll cost you, though.

[strike]I think Jason’s will be closed until late May or early June.[/strike] EDIT: Jason’s has reopened.

Costco is a far better option for the cheeses which Costco carries, price-wise, although you do have to shell out $500-$750 for a HUGE chunk and don’t have the option of paying only $200 for a tiny slice. BTW Costco in Neihu carries giant tubs of pre-grated, somewhere near the pasta noodles or canned tomatoes or spices, unrefrigerated; the good stuff in wedges is separate, where I noted above.

Thanks everyone. haha. It’s funny you say it’s called “Parmigiano Reggiano.” I was about to buy it when I was there. I’ll get it next time. Thanks everyone.


Cost Co is a pretty good bet for all kinds of cheese. They have several Parmesan options, if I’m not mistaken.

Parmigiano-Reggiano is the Italian name for the stuff when it comes from its original region, according to Wiki, which adds:

So Parmesan is the colloquial and the generic name for (typically lower quality) imitations in English, while Parmigiano-Reggiano lets you know you’re getting the most authentic version from the original production region. That’s my understanding, anyway. You can read more about the differences, but my impression is that the generic US stuff, especially the pregrated Krapt type, is much less aromatic, less flavorful, full of fillers and very high in sodium in comparison. After trying Parmigiano-Reggiano I cannot bring myself to buy the Krapt stuff anymore. :2cents:

If it’s just for cooking, you might as well get the Grana Padano as it’s very similar in taste, just slightly less salty (at least according to an Italian friend of mine) and the price difference is about NT$200 per Costco size piece, if not a bit more.
In fact, it’s just from down the road anyhow, so it’s as “authentic”, it just carries a different name as it’s from a different region of Italy.

I concur! it’s very good. their romano is quite mild and nice as well.

If Kraft Parmesan is not acceptable (I do use it in a few select recipes) and the wedge of Grana Padano (and equivalents) are for special and more costly [strike]seductions[/strike] (I mean occasions!), there is a middle choice. Taiwan Rich Food Corp. puts out a 200g bag of shredded Parmesan-like cheese at a reasonable price (around NT$140-150). It’s in many different grocery stores. There is a stylized “TR” for the logo on the top left of the bag.
I’m not here to argue purity or authenticity. I care about taste. When Kraft is unacceptable (e.g. in a lasagna) I’ll use the TR Parmesan. However, Grana Padano is a must in …