Looking for quality Biscotti

Does anyone know where to get some good quality biscotti in Taipei? I have checked Jasons, Breeze Super and Costco. IMHO, the ones they sell at Costco are not that great. Once Costco had some that came in a big porcelin cookie jar. Those were good. Anyway, where to find great tasting biscotti, or does anyone have any good recipes that you have tried out for biscotti?

I’ve made biscotti before. It’s rather simple but comes out wonderfully.
You roll dough into a log and bake, then you slice it, and bake it again.

Here are some recipes:


I never heard of biscotti before I came to Taiwan so the concept of quality biscotti is new to me. I always thought of biscotti as a larger version of a crouton. What makes good biscotti? or What makes biscotti good?

Larger version of a crouton, well yes, I have never thought of it that way, but I see what you mean.

Regarding what constitutes good biscotti, I can only answer to you in the vein of US Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart’s 1964 definition of pornography: “I cannot define good biscotti…but I know it when I taste it.”

They are now selling what I consider, good enough biscotti at Costco again from a company in the USA called Nonni. Check out the giant plastic jars of Nonni’s Biscotti on sale now. Goes great with my coffee in the morning.

I know what you’re saying Richard. I had heard of biscotti, being from latte-sipping northern Cal, but I never understood the attraction, as they appeared to be simply stale breadcrusts (or large croutons, as you correctly noted). But a friend gave us a tin of home-baked biscottis for a gift a while back and they were delicious – full of flavor and crunchy nuts and hard enough to dip in ones coffee but not stale after all. They must be the kind of thing for which there are lots of lousy imitations and you would do well to bake your own, as Alien suggested, if you can find the ingredients in Taiwan.