Looking for so/so tennis partner

Hi I’m looking for a tennis partner for weekday mornings or possibly afternoons in central Taipei. I am not very good but can keep a rally going .I am looking for someone with relatively good skills but not someone that’s going to kick my ass with killer serves. If you are interested drop me a line and we can meet up. P.S I have a court up my way that’s usually free weekdays.

Sounds like you’re my level! Unfortunately, I’m not in Taipei yet. I plan on moving there for work with my dad later on this year. If you haven’t found a partner yet, I’ll let you know what I’m there!

This is my first post :slight_smile:

Great just let me know when you get here :slight_smile:

Hey, I havent played for years, but i was pretty good before. I would really like to get back to it, but I know I suck now. Where is there a court in central Taipei?

I need a tennis partner here too. I need a horrible player (like me) who doesnt want to go over 30 minutes then get that beer.

stansbox, I used to play quite a bit, and have gotten back into tennis this past year playing with a few guys in Taipei. I’m no expert, but not horrible either, so it might be a good matchup for ya. I’ll be back in Taipei early next week, currently in Canada wrapping up a visit to my family/friends. I’ll touch base with you when I’m back via PM or on this thread.

Thank all just PM me your number and I will give you a call. I am looking to play regularly and for more than 30 min . The beer part does sound good I must say :lick: P.S I have a secret court that is good for weekdays in the mountains near Warner Village. Kind of ghetto but it has a net.