Looking for work in Taipei; what are my options?


I’m an American with a 4-year degree with three years of volunteer teaching experience in Taiwan and a TOCFL certificate. I just finished a semester of language study at MTC. I’m looking for an English teaching job for the upcoming year. I had had a potential job lined up in Hualien, but it fell through due to a couple factors (mainly being that the school didn’t have the credentials to sponsor a teacher work visa for me). Which I figured might happen, but now I’m switching gears and looking for something in the Taipei area. I’m willing to go a bit out of Taipei; possibly as far as Taoyuan.

Would anyone be able to direct me to good resources for where/how to start looking? I’m currently in the States; was planning to stay until mid-August but obviously if it seems better to return sooner, I can do that.

I’m hoping to find some sort of buxiban job, and I’d REALLY like not to work weekends. But I honestly don’t know what’s available.

Would any of you lovely people be able to point me in some good directions? :slight_smile: Thanks!

Try Facebook groups. There’s a couple for English teachers.

Any suggestions for which ones? I was able to find one through searching but I’m sure there are more.

These two seem like the major ones in Taipei.

Good luck.


thank you; I will give those a look!

Get thee to a phone charger! :wink:


If you can’t score a buxiban gig in Taoyuan…

Try googling Shane, Gloria, Hess. You will get a job.

Taoyuan is a bit shit, btw.

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I can’t imagine it’s that hard to land a buxiban gig in Taoyuan. The question is, would you even want to?

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Taoyuan is like teaching adults. You have to bring the enthusiasm and make interesting things happen.

It’s easy to slip into sitting outside convenience stores drinking too much while listening to people boring each other about conspiracy theories.

Taipei is easier in that there’s so much more to see and do. Pricier, though.


I actually find kids far more difficult to teach than adults (which is why I don’t teach kids, I guess).

I really haven’t spent any time in Taoyuan, outside the immediate surroundings of the HSR station. I only know it from its bad reputation here. I should probably visit and form my own firsthand opinion before I judge it too harshly, but using it as a punching-bag is so much fun.

Taoyuan isn’t completely shite. The countryside is really nice.

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Taoyuan is shit, people only stay here to save money.

Taoyuan is close to transportation hubs out of Taoyuan.

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Hey OP (GymFan), I’m going to send you a direct message if that’s ok. I’m “on the ground” here and while teaching is not my preferred career I am currently trawling several parts of Taipei for work stuff - I have already had some schools ask me for a cv. I don’t need a visa but the schools are all geared up for sponsorship we’re into need one. Happy to help.

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I had to laugh at that one. I’ve suggested that Taoyuan’s motto be “Taoyuan: We used to have peaches”

Seriously though OP, Taoyuan has a lot of buxiban opportunities (good and bad) and is close enough to Taipei to venture there on days off. Also, Taoyuan has some amazing hiking and natural areas, but you really must have a scooter or car to get there.

Just re-hijacking this thread… I’m in Taipei and looking for a couple of extra days (afternoons I guess) at a buxiban in Taipei. I can provide references from the place I’m currently working, a TW government department I have done some training work for (I can do all age ranges, I prefer adults but I’m not fussy if the gig is not run by cons.)

I am on a marriage visa so I don’t have any restrictions on my work, my schedule has been freed up (I finished a remote worker contract I was doing for a firm back home (London)). I’ve got my police certs ready to go and I’m very happy to do demonstrations/interviews.

Sales/negotiation training is another area I can help with and my University studies were in the BioChemical region, if that’s of interest.

Just in case anyone stumbles on this thread :wink: