Looking to adopt a kitten in Taipei

Hi everybody! We are a couple living in Taipei. We have wanted to adopt a kitten for quite a while, but are now finally able to conscientiously do it because our schedules and apartment allow for it. It’ll be the first indoor cat I’ve had and my girlfriend’s seventh!

I have a some questions about the adoption process in Taiwan. We live in Xinyi District. Where can we get a kitten? We are not interested in getting one from a shop or breeder. Is it possible to get a specific kind of breed? It doesn’t have to be a pure bred or anything like that, but we are interested in getting a kitten like a ragdoll. We would also prefer a female. I know this sounds very specific, but as much as help as possible would be highly appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi are you still looking to adopt? I have a 2 month old kitten that needs a new home. He is vaccinated and healthy. Be is very friendly :blush: