Looking to buy Olympic flat bench press

Hi guys. I just came back from my home in LA. I currently work in Taipei, but I wanted to bring my olympic bench/rack (without the weights) to my apartment here in Taipei because the flat bench at the gym I currently go to is terrible and due to past shoulder problems, I have a hard time finding a good, solid bench that won’t tweak my shoulders whenever I bring the bar down. I was wondering if anyone knew of any free weight fitness equipment stores or businesses in Taipei that sell these:

Any help would be very much appreciated.


SunPro has one for NT26,000


Or at least their website says they do. They have a history of having stuff on the website that they sometimes don’t actually have in stock. Very common here.

Hey there,

I found a place that can definitely help you out. It’s a stockist of SUNPRO exercise equipment and the guy that works there is really helpful.

The address is: Minquan E. Rd, Section 3, No. 188. It’s close to the corner of Minquan and Dunhua (near Songshan Airport).
Address in Chinese: 台北市松山區民權東路三段 188 號

Here’s the exact location on Google maps: maps.google.com/maps?q=google+m … 26,0,6.13
The vacant shop pictured is where you’ll find them. It’s a big yellow sign; you can’t miss it.

They have lots of exercise equipment on-site and the guy told me to check out their website for more stuff. He says, due to space limitations, they can’t keep all equipment on the floor but it’s easy to order whatever you see on their website. Delivery is also available and might be included in the price.

Here’s their website: sun-pro.com.tw It’s a bit complicated to find what you’re looking for (on the website). I’d suggest printing out a picture of what you’re after and popping down to the shop yourself.

Good luck :slight_smile: