Looking to do the east coast ride ASAP


Hi , I just joined and looking to see if anyone has done the east coast ride of Taiwan. I don’t want to join a tour but would like to find people to do the ride or part of the ride with me. Also looking for suggestions on bike rentals. Thanks! You


I believe there are two Giant stores in Hualien City (I could’ve sworn I saw a second one, the one I pass by all the time is close to KFC). They must have bike rentals. Of course, this is assuming you would want to start in Hualien, or at least pick up your bike there, take the train to Taidong, and then ride back. I guess I’m also assuming what you mean by east coast ride, and I could be way off.


Thanks Marasan ! I was thinking from Yilan or Hualien . I was hoping to buy a second hand bike.


I know very little about that. But it seems what was said in that other/related thread is accurate: most in Taiwan do this through friends or through websites/fb groups focusing on used bikes and parts.


If you decide to start in Yilan and do the entire east coast, make sure you do your homework on the Suao Tunnels. It’s one of the most dangerous roads in the country (maybe world) where it has you going up, down, twisting and turning. The cherry on top of that is the other side of the railing is a cliff…into the water. Nonetheless, one of the most beautiful roads to ride.

Buying second hand, you can try some websites such as ruten, shopee or some Facebook groups, but not many places to walk in, take a look and buy a second hand bike. You just have to get lucky.

I might have know someone that has something for you, what size bike do you need and your budget?


Ranlee I am xsmall size. Yes I hear about the windy part and I will definitely take the train to avoid the dangerous part. Let me know if you have any more info or if you might know anyone that would ride with me. Thanks!


When I did it I rode hwy 9 from Xindian through Pinglen all the way to Su’ao, stayed overnight, then took the train to Hualien. Those tunnels? Fuhgeddaboutit! I tried going through them from Hualien northwards one time and I got a flat in the second tunnel I think. I had to ride 500m on a flat because there was no room to stop. The noise was horrific from all the vehicles in the tunnels and the trucks seemed murderously close. I have ridden around the world in many of the great cities and I cannot recall being more intimidated than I was in those tunnels.
The pic below is at Shihtiping, Hwy 11, 53km south of Hualien. I shared a room across the road with 2 other bikers.
The ride south from Hualien all the way around the cape after a jaunt into Kenting for a night was a piece of cake after that. Getting a room without a reservation in Taitung during CNY was impossible. I got lucky and doubled with another solo rider I met by chance.
Same in Kenting. I actually slept on the outdoor stage at the local elementary school. I had a small sleeping pad and a summer sleeping bag with me.


Ah, unfortunately I don’t have any or know anyone that has that small of a bike available.