Looking to hire domestic caretaker, can someone recommend a website to place a classified ad does or know of a good agency 尋找有經驗的看護人

Hi there!
I am desperately looking for a domestic caretaker for my father. His wife just passed very suddenly and he himself has cancer. My sister and I live in the US so we need to find him someone quickly to help him for a few hours everyday. He is 67, and is pretty mobile. The duties would be just helping him with any errands, getting him food, helping him to the doctor’s office, and light housework.

Does anyone know where I can find someone like this? Is there a classified ad that is popular among Taiwanese? My father is bilingual so Chinese or English is preferred. This is of course a paid position.

Thanks so much for your help, hope to hear from you!

Your father cannot employ a foreign caregiver so you are looking for taiwanese or who doesn’t need a work permit, right?

If you search 居家服務, 台籍家庭幫傭, 家事管理, 居家陪伴照顧 etc, you will find some info.



You will find a list of such service providers by Taipei city government here.

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Thank you so much for your reply!
Yes, we prefer someone Taiwanese and doesn’t need a work permit. I will definitely look into the links, many thanks!

While you’re here, do you know of a good website to place classified ads?


Here is a platform for finding caregivers:

You might also want to contact the government agency in charge of long-term care. If your father meets the criteria, they will send someone to evaluate his needs, and provide assistance and recommendations. Here is their website: