Looking to meet other photographers (Taipei)

For sure. And everything in Taiwan is so visually stimulating (at least for most foreigners) that there seems to be endless photo opps. One time I spent around 30 minutes just on 2 blocks of alleyways cause I got so sucked in.

The problem with photographers is that they see the world in still pictures, frames. Too much detail, and if you do macro it’s even worse.

Sometimes macro is all I want to do, because it’s just endless shitty concrete buildings.

How about you think like this.

I’m ok with no practice. If I just practice a little bit I’ll be good and if I practice a lot I’ll be great.

No one is good at something with our practice.

How about we put together a line chat or Facebook page so we can quickly coordinate if one of us is looking to go out shooting?

IMHO you’ll get better shots on your own than in a group. Meeting up for chatting may be fun, but it will be more chatting than shooting. Just keep a camera on you all the time and stay attentive is my advice.

I don’t really care how good my shots are to be honest. Most of my images are never seen outside of my family or close friends. It’s an excuse to go and walk around, interact with people and look at things that you normally walk past.

yea sometimes I just go outside aimlessly wondering around and I get about as many shots as in a group.

Unless I am going for the specific purpose of shooting, meaning I’m getting paid for it, group is fine.

Great idea. LINE would be much quicker but maybe Facebook would reach more people I don’t know.

Here is a LINE group I just started for anyone interested in connecting with others about photog hunts.
And if the QR code doesn’t work let me know.


I have been shooting for a while and enjoy it! Not done much shooting last 6 months though. Link is in my profile.

By the way, feel free to share the QR code with others. Thanks everyone!