Looking to meet other photographers (Taipei)

Looking to meet photographers in the Taipei area that would be interested in doing street photography / photo hunts together. Send me a message if you’d like or if anyone knows of any photography groups please let me know. Would be great to meet like minded people. By the way I am not a professional, it is just a hobby of mine.

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Hey, I live in Taoyuan and visit Taipei occasionally. I would be up for meeting up, do you have any links to any photos you have taken?

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Translation: Are you any good? [kidding]

I am up in Tianmu, and very much a beginner. My week is fairly front loaded, but I’ve wanted to go back to the 228 memorial park, and to the garden maze south of Dajia park. I won’t look at yours if you won’t look at mine :smiley:

Sweet ya let me know! I’m usually free on the weekends. During weeknight is a possibility too.

Never been to the garden maze, sounds cool though! Memorial park is good. Tons of good photo opps all over the city and beyond though it’s great.
I’d be down for whatever! Let me know if you can meet up.

Are you looking for girlfriends who are into photography? Since you’re posting in dating and relationships…

But anyways I have a Canon 400D. Not the best or newest camera but it does the job.

I like to photograph nature and scenery but lately have not places to photograph…

I’m not a professional either… in fact I think I’m terrible at it.

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Lol no not looking for a girlfriend. Ya I thought it was strange to post in this category but couldn’t figure out where else it should go.
If you’re into hiking, plenty of easy hikes to do with good photog opportunities. But also good to branch out and try different subjects too. Anyways I’m an bit out of swing with photography. Used to be big into it but have lost touch recently. I’m basically looking to hit the pavement with someone photo hunting. Any topic or just wandering.

I don’t hike because I feel like I don’t have the energy to. Plus most the year Taiwan is so hot that I do not want to be outside at all.

Film or digital photography? Wanhua and Ximending are good spots for street photography.

Lots of good parks too. Check out ChiangKai Shek Shilin Residence if you haven’t yet that place is great.

Ya those are definitely amazing street photog areas. Tons of vivid scenes / contrasts and traditional meets modern culture. Those are the areas I’m most drawn to for photog. I love Datong too.

I’m not much of a professional and I don’t think my eye for it is that good. So to me film and digital are the same. Except with digital you can shoot a million shots and delete ones that aren’t good. With film your gear better be perfect, except you won’t know until you develop it.

Where were the days I shot like a zillion films on a shoot.

Maybe you were rich or had lots of money to spend on films… I don’t remember the prices on films but it sure was expensive per frame to not only shoot, but develop too.

Clients paid for it. :grin:
But I could shoot about 8-12 easily on private outings. And mostly chrome (slides).

I did film for about 2 years. It really trains your eye to take in everything around you and wait for the exact moment since of course you have to ration your shots. Also leaves behind our instant gratification addiction we have now since you have to wait till later to see how it turned out. That adds excitement. That being said, I only shoot digital now - cheap, fast, convenient.

Negative is a bit easier than shooting chrome, so you do some bracketing in chrome. And when you’re out you want to be sure you have the shot.

I shoot film now, just for fun and because my digital prints became lackluster in my opinion. Lol. I also lost touch with the art of photography and rediscovering it with film now. I just love how film forces me to be more creative and imaginative. And yeah, delayed gratification. It’s so rewarding to see prints out after a few hours and seeing a few surprises here and there.

I shoot for fun. I don’t pixel-peep. And I don’t like retouching my photos, even digital ones. It’s a hobby, not a profession, for me though I sell some on Shutterstock.

Where in Datong is a good place for photo ops?

I guess when doing street photography (candid), anywhere you go has ops. Doesn’t need to be people, it can be anything.

Ya always satisfying finding gems after you develop film. Pics you thought were junk turn out nice sometimes.
Likewise for me, I’m not concerned about quality / clarity, I’m more interested in content - subjects - composition - lighting and the overall feel of the image.
I basically like all of the south part of Datong. Around Dihua is cool and also just north of main station. I really like the chaotic alleyways. And that small daytime market newar minquan.

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