Looking to renounce my R.O.C citizenship.

Another point, if you want to go to PRC, for whatever reason, having a Taiwan citizenship really helps as you can just get a Taibaozheng and live and work there indefinitely.

As an American citizen however, it is getting harder.

But then maybe the OP is trying to work in the CIA and of course they would definitely not allow dual citizens. However, if the OP wants to work in the CIA it means he’s an American citizen, and I’m not sure I’d put America in the top 50 in terms of healthcare. Sure if you are billionaires but if you’re everyone else, even relatively affluent person, you are literally one cancer away from complete financial ruin. In fact you’d be better off just not getting treatment and willing your wealth to your heir…

And if you wanted to get into other countries, ones that aren’t all that friendly to Western countries, having a Taiwanese passport is probably a good thing.

I might add there is really no reason to renounce citizenship of any countries except for the US, mainly because of their authoritarian tax rules. Funny considering the US was founded based on taxation without representation.

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totally agree, a friend of mine has 3, again not my cup of tea.

just find it very amusing that people are trying to persuade me not to give up R.O.C. citizenship, your points are still interesting though. :slight_smile:

And no, working and living in the PRC - probably the last thing I’d do.


Seems pretty obvious, and understandable, that the OP is trying to avoid the TW military service.

Not sure avoiding it really is worth all the hassle though (and yes the PRC perks are comparatively awesome, but if one has no interest whatsoever in going there that is moot).

good points, I work in the travel industry and know what you are talking about, but this ain’t about travelling for me though. :wink:

Understood. Wishing you luck!

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If the govt gave me Taiwanese, bringing my number to three, I’d do the military service tomorrow.

Sign me up!

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Judging from reports of what the exceedingly slack military service entails, you could probably perform in stellar fashion.

Probably, or do the 4 months of busywork in a government office. They’d probably send me to the labour centre to deal with foreigners when they complain about their bosses.

Fine with me. :smiley:

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Also if you are a dual citizen you are given much easier two week service rather than serving for any significant amount of time.

When I was doing it I had to do a year and a half.

Geezus Christ now I have more incentive to push for dual citizenship for us Foreigners!

Great info! Thanks!

Unfortunately, not true.


More info on shortened military service and requrements here:


You can always acquire Chinese citizenship, makes you lose your Taiwanese automatically.