Lost ARC while abroad - On 6 month ARC extension (other)

Hi everyone!
If anyone has experience in this, or if you have some info please comment.

I am currently visiting family in South Africa and I lost my ARC Card. I am currently on a 6 month visa extension, multiple entry. The reason listed is ‘Other’.

How do I get a new ARC, or VISA? Iow how do I get back into Taiwan?

Has anyone ever gone through this process?

You may contact and ask to TECO in your area.


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Thank you Tando!

I phoned them earlier but they don’t seem to understand that I am not currently employed in Taiwan (I am on an ARC extension). Seems like there is some disconnect between the Liaison office procedures and the actual ‘In Taiwan/NIA’ procedures.
Planning to speak to them again tomorrow.

BUT seems like they will recommend the Visitor Visa route, then when I’m back I can apply for a new one. This is not ideal as all my cash is in my Taiwan account, amongst other things.

Was hoping I could ask my sister (who is in TW) to apply for new card and just courier it to me? Not sure if this is possible.

I believe you can appoint an agent on your behalf, since the ARC application form has this field.

Might be worth a try.

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Chinese instruction says


But, yeah, it is worth to ask.

The required documents for “others” are


it might be you just need a explanation letter written by you. I guess that is what supposed to be attached when you apply for the second extension after 6 months. You may also ask this.
Maybe to NIA in Taiwan.

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Exactly what I was thinking. My sister has these documents.
I am going to try and see if NIA will assist me and my sister this way. I will post the result here.

Thank you

My sister can’t apply for me. I have to get a Visitor Visa to get back into Taiwan.
Here’s the issue - The lady at NIA says this will result in the loss of my 6 month extension ARC. I have to get a job asap.

My feeling is, I lost my card, they say I lost my ARC.
Was hoping I could just get a new card for my current ARC (6month extension - Other) when I’m back in Taiwan?
Also: Will this result in residency issues (for future APRC purposes), should I go back to the aiport after quarantine and let them stamp me into Taiwan with the re-issued ARC card instead of the visitors visa (thereby cancelling the visitors visa)?

I found. If this is up to date, it sounds like your ARC can be reissued. Or your ARC would be canceled because it is an extension ARC? You may show the page and ask to NIA or TECO.

Q54. 外籍人士遺失台灣居留證是否會影響入境台灣? 可否入境台灣後再行補辦?

外僑居留證遺失會影響入境台灣。 若是免簽證國家外籍人士,且居留證仍在效期內,只要出示護照就可以直接入境台灣,之後再去移民署服務站補辦居留證即可。 須備文件有:申請書、護照正本、照片1張、來台居留原因證明(如來台工作,需備在職證明書、工作許可函)。 若是需要簽證的國家,便需要重新申請簽證才可入境臺灣,再去補辦外僑居留證。 若有相關疑問建議撥打:外國人在台諮詢服務熱線 0800-024-111 (24小時)

From FQA page of MOI.

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Thank you Tando! I showed it to TECO but, according to them, due to COVID things are extra strict.
So that leaves me with two options, 1. Get a job from abroad and get in with a new work permit, or 2. Ask my friends to beg on their knees (with a Letter of Attorney) to just get a new card and then courier it back.

Let’s see.

Just a follow up in case anyone find themselves in the same situation:

I am not allowed to get a new card from abroad. I have REALLY tried. If I had a work permit I might have been able to get a new card, and just ship it back to SA, and then enter on it again. I had to organise a job, work permit and the work visa (which will not be finalised in time to get a new card and keep my current ARC number) - But atleast I can go back, even if I lose my current ARC.

Therefore, at present (possibly due to covid) - DO NOT LOSE YOUR ARC CARD WHILE ABROAD IF YOU ARE ON A 6 MONTH VISA EXTENSION. They probably won’t mention this to you when you apply or get your 6 Month ARC extension card. When you do get you ARC Card (6 Month extension), take a photo of it, as this will also help your case.

All the best.

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