Lost ARC while traveling abroad...anyone know what to do?

hi. just wondering if anyone here knows what I should do about losing my ARC (based on marriage) that, of course, has my multiple re-entry permit on it. my wallet was ripped off in NYC. I have about 30 days left in the states with my wife and kiddo (who are both Taiwanese) and I am in full dread mode regarding the ramifications of this most unfortunate occurrence. I also lost a bunch of bread, but that can be painfully replaced. I contacted TECO in New York, but haven’t heard back. Thanks for any info you might have.

your MRP should be in your passport, not affixed to your ARC - i’ve never heard of it any other way.

you should be able to get a replacement for the ARC once you are back, for a small fee.

The new ARC cards have it right on the ARC. It is no longer in the passport.

I lost my ARC while abroad in April and just applied for a replacement when I returned - no need to show it on entry.