Lost Item: Watch

Hey there, Im new here.
I really need help in finding a lost item.
It’s a anolog+digital watch, a light gray rubber strap and a dark gray body, the inside is brown grey.
I lost it on the MRT in wukuaicuo, the MRT was headed for daliao from siziwan.

I have already inquired the help desk about this situation, and they told me they will call me if they find it.
However, I’d like to know if there are any other places I can ask to help me.

The watch is very precious to me, I really need help, thank you!

Definitely go to the nearest police station in Kaohsiung. If you have any pictures of the item that would be helpful.

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Do you reckon the stations are still open?

They have a lost and found


Chances are you will get your watch back. Fingers crossed.

Police stations are open 24/7. Finding English speaking officers might be hard, you can call the Foreign Affairs Police for language and other assistance.