Lost my things on the 275 bus in Taipei

I lost my umbrella in 275 Taipei bus, and i know the time 11/3 on Wednesday at 6:30 pm. I really want to get back my umbrella because there are some memory with it. Although, its cheap.

I want to know can you Guys help me How to get back my umbrella?


Take the bus again. Ride it to the end. When they enter the bus depot parking lot, you may find your item there.


Pretty far, goes all the way to Zhonghe or Sanxia, depending on the line.

I wonder what they do with the umbrellas, throw them on a pile of hundreds of others and then auction them off after a few months, or straight into the dumpster?

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The 275副 Sansia to Sungshan Airport has been terminated. It’s now called the 707.

But yes, it means going to the bus yard by Delin University.

All buses loop. They have an origin and a destination. The destination is simply where the bus turns back.

In this case, the destination is Sungshan Airport, so the bus will not park there and the origin is Delin University.


You don’t need to ride it to the end. You can just inquire about where the bus number terminates and get there yourself.

I lost my wallet on a bus in Kaohsiung when I first got here and did that and got it back. It showed me that most Taiwanese are honest enough not to engage in petty theft even when belongings are unattended. With an umbrella… I don’t know. No one would steal it, but unlike a wallet the bus driver may think it was abandoned or just not worth keeping in the lost-and-found and throw it away. Good luck to OP :umbrella:


You could, absolutely, but if OP is not particularly well versed in running around the area, this is the simplest method of going to the bus depot…that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg like taking a taxi.

And since the OP will be at the bus depot, then they can take the bus back to where they need to go.

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My colleague lost 2 items twice on 2 different occasions on the same bus route…one was a cell phone and the other was a jacket. Both times the items were found and were kept in the last terminal stop (the bus depot/yard). I just googled the bus number, saw where the last station was and called the number and both times they had the item there.

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Not a big deal, but… MRT, scooter (don’t know if OP has one), Ubike aren’t options? :wink: I just wouldn’t be keen to sit on a bus for hours while it loops the city. And even if the taxi costs more, unless this terminal is like an hour or more away then “cost an arm and a leg” is pushing it. Taiwan has some of the cheapest taxis in the developed world imo.

Depends on the driver. I take the same bus to work every day in Kaohsiung. Several months ago I lost expensive earbuds, I called the bus depot and said which bus I take (and which time I took it, the specific bus is important) and the kind bus driver looked and found it. Biked out to the depot and saved myself 6000ntd by finding them.

Last week I took the same bus and lost a vape (I know, I know) in the seat. I described exactly where it was but this new driver isn’t a kind person and said he didn’t see it- meaning he didn’t even look. So I caught the same bus the next day and lo and behold it was exactly where I said it was just in between the seats.

A mixture of irritation and joy I guess, I don’t even say hello or thank that driver anymore, he’s a dick.

My advice is call and describe it and see if they have it, and do as others suggested and ride out to the terminal / depot. It seems most times people get what they lost back. Umbrella might be a bit tougher as I expect it’s a commonly left item especially up north, but not unreasonable to be hopeful that you will recover it.


Hang on. All this for an umbrella? That’s gotta be some sort of magic umbrella.


There is no MRT to Delin University.

You won’t want to Ubike to Delin University and would take very much more time than taking the bus.

I think it’s unlikely if OP has a scooter, they would be riding the bus unless it was with friends or a particularly special occasion.

No, but considering the OP said the umbrella isn’t worth much, but only in the memories, it’s a lot better to spend $15-30 going to the bus depot by the bus instead of paying upwards of 10x the price. A trip from Taipei centre to Delin University is an easy $300 trip to save not that much time.

And no trip on any bus in Greater Taipei is ‘hours’

The 275 in particular comes quite often. OP would be there in 15-30 min.

It could be the yellow umbrella that will lead to true love like in “how i met your mother” :slight_smile:

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Maybe it’ll make OP fly like Mary Poppins.


Didn’t know that, must be fairly recent.

Umbrella and cheap, not going to return to you. It will become an umbrella for everyone to use.