Lost Opportunity

I trust most of you have caught Chen Shui-bian’s New Years address (if not, here’s an English newsbite). What a lost opportunity! We were promised something ‘big,’ and what did we get? More of the damn same: a tactical move in the blue-green war, and continuing disregard for Taiwan’s increasingly parlous state economically. I have leaned green politically for many years (largely because the blues make me sick - a long history of professional dealings with blues of various shades), but this is getting close to a tipping point for me. Why doesn’t Chen get it?! People want a government that delivers growth and prosperity. Things have been sluggish here in Taiwan for over 5 years. In this regard, something big would have been the introduction of the three links. I hate saying it, but I really think it’s time for him to wake-up or go.

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