Loyal to the end

From the China Post:

[quote]A husky in typhoon-ravaged Tainan County alerted the rescue troops to discover its owner’s body on Thursday. The victim, surnamed Chang, raised seven dogs with his wife, Chiu, who also died in the Morakot-triggered flood. Chiu’s body was found Aug. 11, accompanied by the body of one of their dogs. The rescue team could not find Chang’s body until ten days later, when the husky, the sole survivor of Chang’s 7 dogs, drew their attention with its barks. Chang, 59, was found huddling with the other five dogs, which all died in the flood.

The couple could have survived the typhoon when the chief of Danei Township commanded evacuation order on August 8 night . They refused to get on the partially occupied lifeboat, which didn’t have enough room for all their dogs, even as the rescuers had promised to retrieve the dogs later.

“The couple asked the team to come back later and pick them up when there was more space in the boat,” Captain Peng, the commander of the rescue team in the village, told The China Post.


In Chinese, the news said the boat had not traveled 15 minutes when the flood carried the pet lovers away. :frowning: