In Taipei for one night only, we have the opportunity to witness the finest specimen of a new revolution in indie, electronic, and laptop; RIL music. For one night only you can experience the cut and paste digital derivative of musique concrete, melodic memory, splintery soft glitches, anxious dada, dirty indie, beautytronics that is Lucky Dragons.

Lucky dragons is Luke Fischbeck, who edits it like a magazine to make sure it stays going. There are so many others to share the light, though: singing, drawing, dancing, touching, plucking and spinning or sewing with sound files or just listening really well. This is not just music, but a diy sound branding and sound breaking collective. Records are densely knit collages of ecstatic language, folk melodies, and AM radio rave ups. Live shows are convulsive celebrations of sounds from hard drives and gentle skin contact. His aesthetic is handmade and homegrown. Contributing members currently live in Providence RI, Philadelphia PA, coastal Southern California and New York City. This is a rare visit for Taiwan, and will undoubtedly lead the way for future tours of other States Rights Records artists such as Y.A.C.H.T., the Blow, Parenthetical Girls, Bobby Birdman, Little Wings, and more. If you think Capitol K, Four Tet, +/-, and the Postal Service were great, wait until you hear Lucky Dragons flip out.

mundane sounds says:
"…notes uncontrollably spilling out of and running over the instruments they came from, only slightly brushing up against anything resembling traditional song structure… what a Mirah song would sound like if Dntel remixed it. Dark Falcon is a painstakingly composed and endearingly intimate window into the life of two highly creative individuals, one that I hope to look through as frequently as these two will allow their listeners to.

So will there be any music? [/smartass]

yes yes, im sorry. i should post some links. … nsfake.mp3