Luggage for travel, where to buy?

I am looking for a place to buy a secure hardside luggage with spinner wheels for air travel. Any brands or stores in Taiwan that I should check out? I do not have time to order online, I would prefer to go to the store myself.

Check out Rimowa. They have a few stores around Taipei.

Where? Taiwan is not quite specific.

You can find dirt cheap suitcases along pretty much any road in or near a market area. You can find crazy expensive ones in some of the boutique department stores. Midrange but probably over-priced in every department store. And plenty in between.

People may be able to help more if you give a price range and a city.

I not sure why I wrote just Taiwan. I am in Taipei and I am looking for something mid-range budget but could extend higher if I find something I like.

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That’s a good idea. Decent midrange quality and prices is often a gaping hole in the market here, and at least at Costco I can be reasonably sure the quality is at least ok.

Here’s Costco’s luggage listings:

You can check many options at Taipei Main station , Q Square mall (臺北京站 )
there are International brands like Samsonite 新秀麗 and more economical options at Taipei City Mall (台北地下街)

Also you can check these Luggage brands

Muji hard suitcases are pretty good, the best CP ratio IMO.

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Tripp has got good products. It has spent with me 6 months of travelling in South America, 5 months of travelling in Asia. I have had it for nearly 4 years and still use it.

Just of of curiosity or a lack of phantasy on my side.
What other purpose can luggage have?