🧳 Luggage | Luggage storage for 3 weeks in Taipei

I am leaving Taiwan for 3 weeks on a business trip.
Need to store my luggage for those 3 weeks.
Preferabbly around Taipei Main Station area.
(I am in between apartments).

Having a hard time finding a place that store luggage over 24 hours.
La La Locker (lalalocker | luggage storage in local shops and hotels) seemed like a good option. But I emailed them 2 days ago and have yet to get an answer which makes me a bit skeptical if they are legitimate.

Anyone know of any other options?
Thank in advance :slight_smile:

You can try these guys, but not sure of availability, the last time I checked they didn’t have much, but that was a while back. About us | 台灣便利倉 Easy Storage Taiwan 迷你倉庫出租【台日合作品牌】

Thanks ptraffy. This could be a winner. Prices are very reasonable if i can reserve 1 month.
I’ll report back for others :slight_smile: