Luggage on the Jinmen to Xiamen ferry

Can I take luggage on the Jinmen to Xiamen ferry? If so, what is the cost? I will be moving to Shanghai and plan on flying from TP to JM, then take the ferry to Xiamen, and the train to Shanghai.

Yes, no problem. Everyone else does. No cost. But you will have a weight limit on the flight to Kinmen.

I took the train up to Hangzhou last month. The whole process is very smooth. You need to catch a taxi from the ferry to the north station though as the bus route is too complicated to bother with.

Be aware that there is nowhere to get food (except some shitty chinese snacks) at the north station. You can get lunchboxes and even beer on the D-train to Shanghai.

Most of the ride through Fujian is very scenic.

What is the weight limit? only one piece or two? Do you know what the cost of extra baggage is?

There is no limit that i know of. They don’t even look at your bags when you get a ticket. Ofcourse you go through securitu but again they don’t weigh.