LUNA - Little United Nations Academy - Dali, Taichung

If you are considering working for LUNA - Little United Nations Academy in Dali, Taichung then be warned. This school has a very questionable history or firing foreign teachers. Your employment at this school will be constantly hanging by a thread. In addition, you should know that a job at this school requires far more than full time commitment. The extra curricular work is beyond extensive no matter what the contract states. Myself and my girlfriend were let go after a short term due to the fact that we wanted to discuss the terms of the contract (which does not protect teachers in the least). On a possitive note, the school is run exceptionally well and the students are top notch. However, there is little to no job security and you will surely find yourself without a job at any point that is convenient for the school. You have been warned.

Can you give a few more details about the contract and what you wanted to negotiate please?

I think they’re just taking out their anger on you because Taiwan is not in the Big United Nations.

Shouldn’t the name of the school have tipped you off that it was a retarded operation from the start?

That is true anywhere you work in Taiwan. :frowning: