Ma details five policy goals for Taipei City

I read this with interest only to find it doesn’t “detail” the policy goals at all. Other than developing the domestic airport, what exactly are the other four things? Mayor Ma being elusive, or more lousy reproting?

[quote]Taipei Mayor Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) yesterday made public his campaign platform pledging to push the development of Taipei City in five directions in order to make Taipei a world-class capital.

… Ma said if he is elected next month for another four-year term, his administration will spare no effort in realizing what he described as the “five policy goals.”

These goals include pushing Sungshan Airport as a hub for direct cross-strait air links, fulfilling two environmental protection promises, working out three major economic policies, promoting four organizational reforms, and adopting five creative administrative measures.

“What hasn’t changed is my goal of building Taipei City into a world-class capital,” Ma said in appealing for more popular support for his reelection bid. [/quote]

Can Taiwan ever be built into a “world class” capital through the efforts of the mayor alone? We are seeing more consumption and better facilities being built. But the infrastructure is still relatively weak and the buildings… well…

I think its because the Taiwanese still do not see this place as somewhere they want to stay or invest in (too afraid of China). Until then, the going will be slow. But, in terms of the people I have met in Taiwan so far, I think they are among the most open-minded in Asia. (Locals and Expats)

From the looks of this article and all the numbers, it seems like maybe
Mayor Ma is competing with Jiang as to who can use the most numbers.
Using a bunch of numbers usually is a way to avoid/cloud the issue as
it looks good but is vague and lacks real substance.

I have been less than impressed with the coverage of the mayoral race,
but maybe the candidates are not really saying much of substance so
there is not that much to report. And scandals and gossip seem to
attract so many more readers, anyway.

Maybe Ma is adopting the same style as Jiang and other Chinese leaders
(some leaders in Taiwan in the past included) who always talked about
things in numbers. There was an interesting article about this in the
Taipei Times, I believe, in the last few days. (Now Jiang is up to the
number four.)

And now, even the Dept. of Health has adopted the ABC policy to stop
AIDS - A - abstain, B - be faithful, C - condom. Hope that this
makes it easier for people to remember and than they use the
information. (Knowing is just not enough!)