Mac users, please help

I’ve been having problems burning my movie (just still photos, effects and a sound track) to CD. I’m using a G4 running i-movie.

I have two errors which I can’t work out:

“test” i-movieProj. is an unsupported format and cannot be imported

is the first error. I’m using an in built CD burner with Roxio Toast Titanium.

The other problem is that it will not import the audio sound track:

“No valid jam license has been found”

What does this mean? I bought the machine second hand with music already on it. I just stumbled across this track and thought it’d be good to use.

Do I have to apply for permission to use the audio track?

Thanks for your help,

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I-Movie problem: Sounds like you are trying to import the imovie project into Toast, I don’t think you would have much success with that one. I never used I-Movie, but I believe you can burn directly from I-Movie. The other option would be to store your movie CD as a image file, and burn the image file with Toast.

I am not sure about the music issue. Might be that you need to get a license before you can use the sound track.

tru thye discussions pages on - full of threads like this

Limey, under your file menu from within imovie, select burn project to disc. That way, you’ll be using your internal combo/superdrive. There’s no need to get toast involved at all. Af far as the audio soundtrack you were talking about, import it into imove from itunes and place it into the timeline’s audio section that way. This should all work fine now. Let us know how things go.

I think iMovie can save a burnable CD image you can burn with Toast. Or if you could export to QuickTime, maybe you can make a VCD or SVCD. I haven’t done much of this myself.

Check out this iMovie FAQ.

The Toast error message you’re getting trying to create a video disk with the iMovie project file? You also don’t have a license for Jam. Not needed though for this if you have the finished CD image.

I posted on the Mac site a couple(?) of days ago. Actually it’s a project for the girlie; an anniversary present I want to give her. I’ll check out the suggestions tonight.

Cheers apple munchers!

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Cheers guys. I had to compress the file via Quicktime and ‘share’ before I could rip it to a VCD. Doh! The quality was a bit poor, so I tried another in SVCD mode. Much better quality. I don’t have any burnable DVDs here but I’ll try one, just to see what it’s like.

I still had to drag and drop into the Roxio toaster though. No option to burn straight from i-movie.

Thanks again.

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