First, I started growing dreads, then exercising. Now I’m looking at going the ultimate “hippie” route–Macrobiotics. :astonished:

I’ve been reading “The Hip Chic’s guide to Macrobiotics” (I know corny, but I don’t have time for details) and finding myself wanting to try this new way of cooking/eating. Also, my gut has got to go! So, has anyone given this style a whirl? And if so, what has been the upside as well as the downside to it?

Macrobiotic diets should be used only for treatment of a specific dis-order.

Not as a long term dietary routine.

It’s a great “diet.” I just read about it here on Wiki and learned this is the name of the “diet” I’ve been on for a while now.

I think the first thing is to not call it a diet because a “diet” in the general sense is a short term “fix.” You have to see it as a way of life, as it will become your regular eating habit. The upside is you put less junk in your trunk and less processed shit is always a good thing.

The down side I can think of right now is if you are human, there will be times when you will crave something. But when you get that craving, reward yourself. What good is adopting a new eating habit if you are miserable?

I don’t know many pescatarians like myself, so it might be difficult for you to give up land meats at first. And even eating seafood only you should be doing it three times a week only. If you can go all vegetarian, even better, but realistically, it’s not viable for many.

A rot of it is just plain old common sense…Should I have the iceberg lettuce salad with two table spoonfuls of thousand island dressing? Or should I have a romaine salad with red peppers and a balsamic vinegar dressing? Well, duh.

However, the macrobiotic diet does encourage intake of fermented soy. Personally, I am anti-soy products and avoid them as much as possible. There is a big correlation between soy and the thyroid system. Google it.

Actually, my version of the macrobiotic diet avoids soy AND seaweed due to the iodine in seaweed.

I don’t agree it’s only treatment for a specific disorder.

Why have pork chops when you can have sea bass? Know what I’m sayin’? :howyoudoin:

Good luck on your new regimen.

[quote=“TainanCowboy”]Macrobiotic diets should be used only for treatment of a specific dis-order.

Not as a long term dietary routine.[/quote]

What does that mean? What kind of macrobiotic diet are you referring to?

I thought it just meant a healthier diet based on whole foods, legumes, etc., and less intake of sugar, artificial/refined foods, alcohol and promotion of natural, unprocessed diets as well as moderate consumption of meats.